Electric Heated Commercial Catering Equipment
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Show Kitchen Mongolian Grill

• High quality electric heating elements beneath the cooking surface with the temperature controlled by individual thermostat control
• A drip trough surrounds the underside of the cooking surface catching all grease and oil
• Removable drip tray under the grease trough for easy cleaning

Dim Sum show kitchen Steamer

• High quality immersion type heating elements with individual on/off control
• Auto-fill water and overheat thermostat to protect the heat exchange chamber from damage
• Low water level protection prevent heating element damage
• Accessories include S/S rotatable 7-hole plate for dim sum steaming & warming

Show Kitchen Electric Noodle Boiler

• 12mm thick curved glass splash guard
• Consists of the following sections:
A. Noodle boiler with 2 S/S sieve baskets
B. 4 insert bain-marie trays for hot sauces
C. Soup pot
• Equip with 360 degree rotatable swivel faucet


Electronic Water Boiler

An outstanding and smart outlook design.
90°C to 98°C hot water is supplying continuously.
Hot water provision in offices, cafes, canteens, chain store and restaurant or even at home.

Fully Automatic Water Boiler

Durable and elegant design suit for all F&B outlets use.
Stainless Steel exterior body and internal water tank for easy cleaning.
Equipped with anti-drip faucet

Electronic Water Boiler (Tower Type)

High quality, easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior
Space-saving design makes it perfect for your dispensing needs
Easy-to-read LCD temperature display
Equipped with anti-drip faucet